Tailored agricultural services in South Australia and Victoria

    jigg ag contracting compost spreading

    Here at Jigg Ag Contracting, we’re proud to be part of the great farming community across South Australia and Victoria.

    We’re here to help farmers improve their output through quality products and focused service, and our team is experienced in all aspects of commercial agriculture.

    We provide a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art GPS equipment and reliable agricultural services, including: Compost spreading consisting of:

    • Total compost mix
    • All manures
    • Track scrapings
    • Feed pad cleaning
    • Calving pad cleaning
    • Lime, gypsum and dolomite
    • 20-tonne and under load capacity
    • Spreading rates of 1THa and above

    Seed drilling equipment offering:

    • Liquid inject
    • Five- and 10-inch row spacings
    • Snail and slug baiting
    • Six-metre working width
    • Three-metre transport width

    Industrial loader hire

    Fertiliser spreading

    Liquid effluent spreading

    Corn planting

    Speed discing

    Mower conditioning

    Haulage for:

    • Wood chip
    • Limestone
    • Gravel
    • Grass
    • Maize
    jigg ag contracting industrial loader

    All of our machinery is owner operated. That means you can expect not only an impeccably maintained, cutting-edge piece of farming equipment, but also a fully qualified specialist to operate it for you.

    When it comes to outstanding farming and agricultural services, Jigg Ag Contracting is always the right choice.

    For a free quote on agricultural services and products throughout Victoria and South Australia, simply give us a ring on 0408 108 257 .

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